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Tuesday, 26 March 2013

GraDuation isn't the EnD !

if  you're going to write ur name 
on a piece of memory to store it forever,
lets write it on something that we treasure..
look at all the exciting days we spent together
that filled up of  our hearts with our memories
I've worn these school shoes and uniform for a long time
and i'll surely miss the prank on the whiteboard
but to get through tomorrow
i seem to have to leave them behind the door
but hey.we got to meet a wonderful friends
we'll be forever friends
we have photos of all of us
we share the same keychain
and they'll forever remain to shine
just like your smile
the places that we shared..
even we're not together,lets look up at the same sky and sing together
if you'll say that you love us we'll tell you that we love you twice
make sure you didnt forget anything
we'll be forever you my friends <3


    The shortest distance between a problem and a solution 
        is just the distance between your knees and the floor....
         the one who kneels to GOD 
               can stand up to anything !! :)