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Monday, 1 April 2013

~Work Experience

Yesterday was the last day i work here as the waitress....
its so meaningfull and wonderful to me as this place has create a lot of memory in me..
well..its all begin at the 1borneo hypermall where i met AfIqah Munirah @ mun :)
she asked me if i interest to work at her mom's restaurant
 ,,then i accept his promotion..hahaha..
the first day i worked was on tuesday..i came early in the morning..
the first thing that came in my mind was 'why is there was nobody here..?'
but the question then answered when there a car was the stuff here..i'm glad..
however i didnt enter at the restaurant,,i'm so shy on that day and i keep waiting for mun
after a several minutes..mun arrived with her brother whom we call him ajai..
and the day begun ~
there i met kak Enn and her husband ,abang Imam and also their son,,azawira or along,the active young boy
and not to forget kak Aida ...hehe..
i'd also met kak nor,aliyah ,kak ct and kak ros ..they had worked at the restaurant also
but not so in a long sad..hehe
truly i say that my life and day was so cheerful  here..morever mun always making me laugh..
well..we shared a lot of memories such as sharing 
(serius mw ja ak post pic mu sini..ahaha)
and other fun things..
my job as the waitress has taught me to be a very patient person especially when we need to face some kind of manner that is hard to must be complicate ,,right?
well..that is reality to me either yesterday,now or in the future..just be patient..
second thing that has taught me was the hardness..
the hardness to survive your life,,he hardness to give a full commitment..its all taught me..
its so precious to remember...
HURM......well,lets me promote the food right?hhe

haha..sorry because this the only picture i got..but it seem tasty right?..lets COME here at
& i also want to thank to my friends because they had visited our restaurant..thanks for your support
: Fera haniey, zahra , ira, salviah,elinah,Azie Zha ,nirai ,muhajirah,KN,arq male,anan
apis sam,rusna,nik,ku,syafiq,najib n nazri,,shatir..izam ,izzat,umar,sabri and others..

To MUN : trima kc bawa aku kerja kat restoran ni r..SYG KO..aku xkan lpa
kenangan kita d cni,,seh2..haha..

To Kak Enn : trima kc kak sbb sdikit sbnyk kkk ajar saya realiti hidup ni..trima kc
atas sgalanya..

To Abg Imam : urm....apapun..masakan abg tetap terbaik..! haha

To kak IDa : trima kc kak..selalu la sbr dlm hidup..saya tw kkk boleh !

To Ajai : urm...tanggungjawab itu menunjukkan diri kita..peliharalah kepercayaan 
yg diberikan sebaiknya..apapun gud luck dlm hidupmu..