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Friday, 7 August 2015

Twenty Series

               Hyeee you all !!! Todayy 7 August was my precious borndateDayyy..hahax .There's a lot things happened since last year where i started my student life at Uni but for sure its a sweet memory .I need to face the fact that now i'm going to old and now in my twenty

               Learn to forgive and forget is not easy thing but to live in better way?
                                                          u NEED it !
For those who has wished ..Thank you so much(Jazakillah).I also got a present from my dearest even though not the nearest ..hehe you can see the pic..again Arigatouu :) :) :)

               Getting series doesnt mean you cant do anything anymore but make it so it can be the reason you can do anything.I just hope to get a better health .

               Last but not least,live you life to the fullest  >.<